Meeting Notes

Thanks to various LAPUG members who have contributed their own notes from our meetings. Subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes. Thanks to LAPUG member Pat Dengler for handling this!

Toni Pace's Meeting Notes for 2015-11-09

Question:  Do you need to have your old computer running El Capitan when migrating your programs and data to a new computer with El Capitan?

•  Use Migration …

Toni Pace’s Notes for 2014-11-10

To create a Media Database to prevent buying music (or movies) that you already have:

Get Text Wrangler…

Save a copy of your music library into Text Wrangler

Toni Pace’s Notes for 2014-07-14

Evernote stores data locally in the Library folder –which is normally inaccessible to you as a user.   However, there are ways to access the Library folder – …

Toni Pace’s Notes for 2014-06-09

Re: Apple WWDC Announcements 


• Next version of Mac OS X-Yosemite

• IOS 8

2 Presenters

•  Tim Cook

• Craig Federighi– Software development Chief


Toni Pace's Notes for 2012-10-08

LAPUG Meeting Notes 10-8-12
(Partial as Toni had to leave early)

Upgrade issues to Mountain Lion…There have been issues with Apple IDs.  You can continue using …

Toni Pace's Notes for 2012-09-10

LAPUG Meeting Notes_9_10_12

Meeting Theme: Security

Recommended Software

GateKeeper- Mountain Lion feature 

(defines what will allowed to run on your computer)

Toni Pace's Notes for 2012-08-13

Mountain Lion Review

Upgrade to Mountain Lion has been easy, smooth and without issues.

New developer version is rumored to be a small update.


• Working …

Toni Pace's Notes for 2012-06-11

LAPUG Meeting Notes  6-11-12

Apple made announcements at the WWDC today:

5000 attendees at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco

App Store – has 400 …

Toni Pace's Notes for 2012-04-09


•  Instagram…Facebook just bought them for $1 Billion

• If your phone is out of contract, A T & T will allow you to unlock the phone…which means if you …

Toni Pace's Notes for 2012-03-12

It is easier to order the new iPad through the Apple App for the iPhone…

New Features for the new iPad

•  Much faster than iPad 1 and iPad 2…faster processor

•  …

Toni Pace's Notes for 12-13-2010

LAPUG Notes, 12-13-10

Rogue Amoeba makes good audio software..for hearing a concert over the internet.  They are broadcasting on Sirius

You can do something …

Charlie Shipp's note for 9-13-2010

Los Angeles Portable Users Group   9-13-2010   Santa Monica CA

Phil Goodman and Ben Levy presented to about 25 attendees. 7pm setup.

Digital Watchdog does home-…

Toni Pace's Notes for 6-14-2010

A T & T and Starbucks will make WiFi free starting July 1. Maybe free access for captive portals...don't know if it were going to be totally unlocked.    And …

Charlie Shipp's Notes for 5-10-2010

Arrived early and met Janet who hosted us in (new mtg site) and about a dozen others; about 25 attended the 7pm meeting. This is a small clubhouse rec.rm and …

Toni Pace's Meeting Notes for 5-10-2010

LAPUG Notes 5-10-10

2 Data Plans from AT&T for your iPad

$14.95  250 mgs up and down

$30 month – unlimited data

Unllike the phone—there is a month to month charge……

April, 12 2010

Thanks to Toni Pace for her notes!

You can playback TV shows in HD from your iPad…TV shows downloaded from the Apple Store…Thre is a dongle from Apple that goes …