March 8, 2021

iPhone & iPad Tips and Tricks are things we always enjoy talking about. This month, we’ll discuss some new features in iOS and iPadOS 14 along with some techniques you can use to take advantage of the Apple Pencil with the iPad Air and iPad Pro.

February 8, 2021

As we move along to new versions of macOS that no longer run older 32-bit apps (or even apps compatible with Catalina but not with Big Sur), it’s comforting to know that you can run these older apps in virtual machines. The idea here is you’re creating a “virtual”, software-based Mac running a separate OS in a Window on your newer operating system. We’ll talk about how to do that using various tools and how that can keep you moving forward without one or two applications holding you back. Of course, these virutal machines can also run any other operating system and we’ll talk about that briefly, too.

Also, isn’t it great to learn that you’ve got a tool that’s more powerful than you thought in your aresenal and you don’t always need to run out and buy something else? Sure it is and Apple’s Preview is just that tool! We’ll go over several features that you may not have know that Preview can do where you might have thought you’d have to turn to more expensive and more complex applications to use.