April 10, 2017

We've had a slew updates recently for macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS. We'll spend some time talking about not only some of the cool new features in macOS and iOS, but we'll also cover the significant new Apple File System (APFS) that snuck in right under your nose in iOS 10.3. This is a precursor of things to come in macOS and you should know what it is and how it will affect your Mac. We'll also talk about the end of 32-bit apps in iOS and how you can identify which older apps will no longer work in the next version of the operating system on your iPhone and iPad. Apple also released some iPad updates recently and they've hinted about new hardware to come. We'll tackle that, too!

We'll also spend some time focusing on the Extensions architecture in macOS and how you really take advantage of some hidden features that can really make things easier for you.

March 13, 2017


A little early spring cleaning and some amuse-bouche! What are we talking about here? This month, we'll cover some really important techniques for cleaning out your Mac of old crud, how to restore some of the zip it used to have and how to maintain it better. There are a lot of quick and simple things you can do to free up space and get your Mac's speed back after having used it for so long. In addition, we'll be talking about a ton of smaller apps (hence the "amuse-bouche reference) that are mainly one-trick ponies that make a huge difference in what your computer can do and what you can do with your computer. You don't want to miss this meeting!