April 11, 2016

NOTE: Our April meeting will NOT be at our usual spot at Jan Chesne's Condo Rec Center. Instead, we'll be meeting in the Briefing Room of the Apple Store on the Third Street Promenade. You'll need to go to the rear (left) part of the store and enter the through the door. Take the elevator down to the Briefing Room and you will find us there!  Please ask Apple Employees if you can't find the door and don't be surprised if they need to escort you.

40 years!  On April 1, Apple celebrated their 40th anniversary at a great bash on their campus with Beats 1 DJ Zane Lowe broadcasting live from the party. In its 40 years, Apple has created lots of products that have really changed the world and inspired other companies to copy or follow -- MacintoshiPodiPhoneiPad. They've also created a few products that haven't done so well -- Apple IIILisaMacintosh PortablePippinMacTVQuadra with DOS Cardhockey puck MouseApple HiFiG4 Cube. At our next meeting, we'll spend some time reminiscing and we'll have a few old products on hand that will bring back lots of memories.  We'll also have some fun with some of the best Apple Ads over the last few decades.

At the latest product announcements, Apple has been saying that iPad Pro is more powerful than over 80% of the PC laptops sold in the last year. They also said they're focusing on having the iPad replace aging PC laptops that are 5 years old and older. If that's true, there better be real-world apps available that can handle the day-to-day needs of most consumers (but maybe not true Power Users).  This month, we'll focus on some of those tools for business that work well with iOS. We'll look at Apple's iWork products, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Outlining, Project Management, PDF Workflows, Cloud integration, file sharing, Scanning, and more.

Since we'll be at the Apple Store, this will also be an opportunity to take a look at the new iPhone SE! 

And, of course, we'll go over some other current events in the OS X world as well as review some cool Mac & iOS apps and leave some time for Q&A.

Come join the party.