May 13, 2019

Get Your Black Belt in Google-Fu! Sure, you use Google for searching, little grasshopper. But do you really know how to search? Like REALLY know? There are so many features available for pinpointing and refining your searches and we'll spend some time making you an expert.

Photos, photos, everywhere! Having a wonderful camera in your phone allows you to take photos wherever you are, whenever you want. Having an iPhone or iPad allows you to show off those photos on a beautiful (large) screen organized in whatever way you'd like. But, what if you want to see your images on paper? What if you want to make postcards or calendars? What if you want to make wonderful photobooks of events or vacations? Apple used to provide this built directly into the Photos applications but they no longer offer that feature inside the application. Several online photo printers (including ones that Apple used for their own photo books) offer that service and the products might be even better than what you could get before. We'll review lots of options and how these products can be ordered from not only macOS Photos but from iOS, as well.