May 12, 2014

Moving forward with new releases of OS X sometimes means leaving things behind. With the introduction of Lion, Rosetta went away and we lost the ability to run old PowerPC apps (some of which never got updated to Intel). With the introduction of Leopard, we lost the ability to run Classic (OS 9) apps. Of course, pretty much everything is available to us in modern versions of OS X. But, what if you have data that needs to be read from some old app in an unsupported operating system or you need to run some utility that hasn’t been written for a modern Intel-based Mac? You might feel stuck. Fortunately, there are some solutions. We’ll talk about and demonstrate how to run PPC apps, Classic OS 9 apps as well as old Mac apps from the old days (like on a Mac Plus) all on a current Mavericks-based Mac. While we’re on the subject, we’ll also talk about running operating systems on the Mac making it the most universal computer available.