July 12, 2010

iPhone OS 4 is now iOS 4!  And the new iPhone 4 is out, too!  We'll demo the new iPhone, FaceTime and all the new features of the device. But, more importantly, we'll review all the new features of the iOS 4 Operating System. As long as you have an iPhone 3G or and iPhone 3GS, you can take advantage of these features too.  We'll really focus on lots of hidden features and those that haven't been talked too much about in the press. This will be really fun and educational.

We'll also talk about some other resources (not just the iBooks store) for getting books for the iBooks reader and how to fill in missing information for lots of movies you might have on your iPad or iPhone if you happen to have ripped your own media.

Of course, we'll spend some time with Q&A and we'll just some fun being Mac and iOS geeks!

Our meeting this month will be at the same location as last month. We thank Jan Chesne for allowing us to use the rec room at her townhome.

Here are the directions:

Address: 2700 Pearl St. in Santa Monica (Pearl & 27th). 

27th St. going south from Pico ends in the entrance to the complex (In front it says Village Park Townhomes).  Go in the entrance, turn right, go over 2 speed bumps (street curves to the left) and park in the parking spaces or anywhere along the road where it doesn't say "No parking."  The rec room is across the road from the parking spaces and slightly south.  The rec room is off Unit 60 (please don't bother any of the residents).