August 11, 2014

At our last meeting, we took a little survey of topics members would like us to cover at future meetings. One of those topics had to do with networking and the explanation of IP numbers, how they’re given out, gateways, DNS, switches, routers, bridges, IP port numbers, port forwarding and all the mysterious stuff that Internet companies make you go through. It’s important you understand what all these things are so that you’ll be better equipped to troubleshoot networking issues with your computer equipment.  This could be a full day class for technical folks but we’ll condense it into a short presentation in English for all to understand.

Creating web sites can be an overwhelming experience. When Apple discontinued iWeb a few years ago, many people started looking for alternative tools. There are many out there like Rapidweaver, Dreamweaver and Everweb. This month, we’ll talk about Sandvox and show you a quick and easy way to get great looking web sites with a bunch of bells and whistles.

And, in light of recent discussions on the LAPUG list, once again we’ll talk about the importance of unique and strong passwords.

July 14, 2014

We're going to look at a few applications to help you get a little more productive in your personal and work lives. Apple provides some apps like Reminders to help you make lists of things to do. But, if you need to keep track of more things than simple to-do lists can handle, or if you need to manage multiple projects, there are lots of apps that can do that sort of thing. This month, we'll look at OmniFocus and how its ecosystem works between OS X and iOS devices.  We'll also look at streamlining things that need to be typed over and over to save you time and help make your typing consistent.  In addition, we'll review things you can do to keep your Mac lean and clean like cleaning out old apps and making sure that all your apps (including non-app store ones) are easily kept up to date.