September 12


iOS 10, iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 have been announced. As previously announced in June, iOS 10 will have lots of new features and will bring more integration with iCloud and macOS. At our next meeing we'll be going over many new features in iOS as they relate to both iPhone and iPad. If you want to see what you'll be able to upgrade to the day after our meeting, you'll want to make sure to be there!

The new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2nd Edition have now gone on sale and they will be available in-store on September 16. If you haven't already ordered them, it looks like you might waiting a while as delivery on new pre-orders seem to be several weeks out (and, in some cases, into November!) . Although we won't have any on-hand, we will review the features in these two new devices.

August 8, 2016

Become that power user you've always wanted to be! You know how to flex your Apple muscle when using certain apps...but what about the app you use the most...the Finder?  Getting around the Finder and taking advantage of the many power user features will be some of the focus of our next meeting. Many long time Mac users still do things the same way even though Apple has given us some tools to make things quicker and easier. We'll go over lots of shortcuts and review some features you're not using.

We've also got some great apps to show off!