October 12, 2020

IOS 14

iOS 14, iPadOS 14 & watchOS 7 have been released and are out in the wild. There are a bunch of new features and refinements in each that make the upgrades well worth upgrading. We'll spend our next meeting reviewing all the new cool features and so don't miss it!

The new Apple Watch 6 is out as are some new iPads. If you've been itching to upgrade from older models, now is probably the time as these new ones are light years ahead of devices from 2-3 generations ago. We'll also discuss what makes these new devices so compelling.

Zoom link will be posted here a few days before the meeting and it will be sent out on our mailing list.

September 14, 2020

With iOS 14 and Big Sur right around the corner, let's focus on some technologies that we'll continue to use in those operating systems that we might not really be taking advantage of on current our iOS devices and Macs. We'll look at the power of the Share sheet, interactivity with other apps and Markup. Also, we're probably all familiar with bookmarking web sites but we'll look at the variety of other ways of saving content you might want to refer to at a later date -- this is a very powerful thing to be able to do.

With so many things to learn in current and future products, we'll also look at some resources you can use to become much more of a power user than you already are (or wish to be)!

In addition, we'll speculate on the things Apple might announce at their September event on the morning following our meeting. Lots of great things in store of us!