February 11, 2019


Photography on iOS has completely changed the game in the photo world. The phrase "the best camera is the one you have with you" takes on a completely different meaning when your iPhone's camera is always within arm's reach. Not only will we go over all the ins and outs of using the Camera app, but we'll also review getting images in and out of your iOS devices from other sources (digital cameras, SD cards, web sites, etc.). In addition to all that, we'll also review several other camera applications that go way beyond what Apple provides that allow you tweak your settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, filters, etc.) like you would with a more traditional camera.  This will help make your iPhone or iPad a true digital darkroom.

January 14, 2019


iOS Shortcuts is a new feature in iOS 12 and we'll spend sometime going over what it is and how it can streamline your workflow and do things you couldn't before. In fact, Shortcuts is what Apple has released as a newer version of the older iOS Workflow app that Apple purchased in 2017. This is a technology that could change your life dramatically.

We'll also talk about some new technology products that were released at CES in Las Vegas the week prior to the meeting.

December 10, 2018


There's still so much more in iOS 12 that we haven't covered so we'll continue with that and we'll go over some of the more "hidden" features as well. We'll also discuss things that iOS 12 still doesn't do that, perhaps, it should. We'll hope that Apple will consider these things for future releases. If you've got some ideas about things iOS is missing, come on by and let us know.

December is a time for some friends and family around the holidays so we'll enjoy a little potluck fun with our LAPUG family. Using the following guide based on your the first letter of your last time, please bring something one of the following categories:

A-E: Appetizers (Chips & Dips, Veggie Plate, Hors D'oevres, etc)
F-L: Entrées (Pizza, Chicken, Sushi, etc.)
M-R: Side Dish or Salad (Vegetables, Pasta, Green Salad, etc.)
S-Z: Desserts (something sweet)

We will provide plates, napkins, utensils and drinks.

Of course, while we enjoy our little holiday fun, we can also go over lots of Q&A so bring your questions!