December 12, 2011

Ever wanted to have your own home page? Sure, there are lots of programs out there that you can buy and then you'll have to decide on how to host your site. But, before you down that route, you should know about some of the coolest free tools out there. One of the best known is WordPress and you can do it quickly and easily from your Mac. Our own Garry Margolis runs his own L.A. Metro blog on WordPress and he'll be leading a session on how to get started and how WordPress actually works.  With iWeb home page hosting going away with the end of MobileMe in June, this might be a great time to start learning something more powerful yet still simple to use.

ITunes Match is now live and up and running. We'll show you how it works and you'll see how easy it is to have access to your entire iTunes library (including your playlists) from all your devices.

We'll also go over some current events in the Mac world as well as review some cool Mac & iOS apps and leave some time for Q&A.

Our meeting this month will be at the same location as last month. We thank Jan Chesne for allowing us to use the rec room at her townhome.

Address: 2700 Pearl St. in Santa Monica (Pearl & 27th). 

Directions: 27th St. going south from Pico ends in the entrance to the complex (In front it says Village Park Townhomes).  Go in the entrance, turn right, go over 2 speed bumps (street curves to the left) and park in the parking spaces or anywhere along the road where it doesn't say "No parking."  The rec room is across the road from the parking spaces and slightly south.  The rec room is off Unit 60 (please don't bother any of the residents).