January 12, 2015


January is CES month! Ben, Phil and other LAPUG members that attended will review what was shown in the iLounge area as well as the coming trends in consumer electronics for 2015. 

We’ll also focus on Sandvox. This is a really easy to use web site development tool. We’ll show you how to create a web site and how to upload it to a web server. We’ll also how you how easy it is to post updates and we’ll do it live with our own LAPUG web site.

And one more thing….Are you a slow typist? Are you tired of entering appointments and reminders in your iPhone with the keyboard? Want to know if you need an umbrella this weekend? Want to know how the Lakers are doing? Want to know how Apple stock is doing? What about making a restaurant reservation for tonight? All that stuff can easily be done on the iPhone and iPad. But, you’ve got a personal assistant to do that for you and all you need to do is ask. One of Apple’s most innovative features in iOS is also one of the most underused. This month, we’ll spend some time going over all the ways you can use Siri to enhance your iOS experience and make your life a little easier. You already carry around your personal assistant. Why not talk to it once in a while and have it do things for you?