September 14, 2015


The new iPhones are here...the new iPhones are here.  Well, if you were to look at them, you wouldn't see anything new -- except for the new Rose Gold color. But, as Apple has said, "the only thing that has changed is everything".  With the new, really cool 3D Touch, a new 12 MP camera, Live Photos, 4K video, the faster A9 processor, and more, the new iPhone 6S is a compelling upgrade. We'll talk about it as well as the new iOS 9 that going to be available September 16. That day will also bring Watch OS 2.0 and we'll talk about how what will be new and different on your wrist.

In addition, we'll cover the new iPad Pro (coming in November) and the new Apple TV (coming in October) with more detail on those when we'll have our hands on them.

Also, long-time LAPUG member Bruce Gerson is moving away. But since Bruce is quite active on our mailing list and distance doesn't mean anything in the online world, Bruce will still be "there". Bruce will be talking about running the new Windows 10 (which some of us do need) in a virtual machine (in VMware or Parallels) and will provide some tips about some of the best utilities that make using Windows just that less painful.